Saddam verdict points by Robert Weiner, November 5, 2006

  • Saddam was and is a very bad person and dictator but the Saddam actions today are a propaganda verdict, propaganda trial, related to actions from over 20 years ago that the First Gulf War dealt with and even Bush I said NOT to do in Gulf War II because it could (and now has of course) create resentment against US and chaos in Iraq and the Middle East. And what kind of ally is Iraq that their judges, who have the discretion and the power, couldn't order a continuance until after the U.S. elections. This was timed as a gift to Bush and the American people will see through it.
  • For other points see my oped from last year in Boston Globe - which Tucker Carlson on his MSNBC show called "one of the top three in the country and first up" and made it his show's subject: June 30, 2005 -- "Saddam's Secrets" -- in The Boston Globe -- by Robert Weiner and Alexis Leventhal of RWA. See
  • Finally, The Republicans are desperate in these last two days before the election and for the US Ambassador to Iraq and White House press secretary to say "it's their call" belies the conversation and diplomacy the Ambassador could easily have had with them requesting a week's delay not to interfere with our election. After all we've only spent over $300 billion to help them.