Some Talking Points Against Recent Obama Bashes – by Bob Weiner
July 14, 2014

  • The intellect they make fun of is how he got bin Laden and Bush didn’t… by keeping it internal and not farming it out. Incidentally, Mark Owen’s book, NO EASY DAY, on the capture/killing of bin Laden, makes the point that Owens and the Seals wondered if and expected on September 11, 2001, “as Osama bin Laden’s name was mentioned, my unit would get the call to go to Afghanistan the next day. For the previous year and a half, we’d been training to deploy.” Bush blew it by turning it over to the Afghanis. A decade later, when our intel found bin Laden again, Obama made no such mistake.
  • The housing collapse was bipartisan legislation blunders of giving bad loans. Housing is now resurging at record levels by the way.
  • The health bill they bash is working and people in the polls love the provisions. Lowest uninsured rate in history according to Gallup because of the new law (ACA). People like provisions of preexisting conditions covered, no lifetime caps or previous illness limitations, rebate checks if insurance companies charge too much, kids covered, seniors’ drugs with no donut holes…
  • Immigrants are who are keeping Social Security profitable (which it is for at least 20 more years) by paying SS taxes.
  • Blaming Obama for the kids coming in and leaks at the border ignores his immigration bill passed by the Senate and stalled by the R House which included 20,000 additional border and enforcement personnel.
  • Health bill is not laying off workers but creating jobs—is what happens when 10 million more already getting benefits and health care—and unemployment now at lowest level in a decade.
  • Dollar worthless? No actually it’s China’s economy and currency that’s tanking.
  • “Oops” was Perry not Obama.
  • Commissar Obama? Actually he strengthened private sector by NHI through private insurance, via essentially the Romney-Dole-Nixon plan, instead of single payor or public option; and gave 160 tax breaks to business in the bill. Just saying it’s socialist, which R’s did/do to lay blame at Obama, doesn’t make it true.
  • He saved the private sector and the U.S. economy with TARP and bailouts and tax breaks (40% of it was tax breaks which did only as appeasement to R’s), and if anything was criticized by D’s and Pelosi for not giving enough relief to consumers and workers right away. The reason we are not a million jobs even further along and a full additional point down on the unemployment rate is the R’s refusal to pass the President’s American Jobs Act, according to CBO and the Library of Congress.
  • Carl Rove just today repeated the R’s and McConnell mantra of no cooperation with the President. Today (July 13), Rove said to Britt Hume on Fox Sunday about the 2014 and 2016 elections, “The worse the President is, the better it is for Republicans.” Trying to make that happen didn’t work out so well for them in 2008 or 2012.
  • So -- facts are useful