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2001-Present: Robert Weiner Associates, Washington DC, Senior Associate

2005-Present: The Centech Group, Falls Church VA, Project Manager

1990-Present: American Environmental Institute, Arlington VA, Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer

1978-1990: American Management Systems, Arlington VA, Principal (Partner)


System Design: Designed computer systems for a wide variety of clients, including US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), US Department of Energy, US Department of Navy, GlobalOne (formerly Sprint International), and 12 State governments. Designed websites for US EPA and numerous non-profit organizations. EPA systems include TRI Quick Analysis Tool Kit (TRIPQUIC); Gateway to EPA Program Systems; Program Integration Project Queries Using Interactive Commands (PIPQUIC). He also designed US Department of Energy's Policy Analysis Screening System (PASS). Designed an extensive system for Environmental Technology Council using MS ACCESS and developed numerous analyses for EPA's Office of Drinking Water using MS ACCESS.

Expert at all of EPA's major data systems: Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS) Facility Subsystems (AFS) and Air Quality Subsystem (AQS) and the related models Industrial Source Complex (ISC) and Climatological Dispersion Model (CDM); Biennial Reporting of Hazardous Wastes System (BRS); CERCLA Information System (CERCLIS); Emergency Response National System (ERNS); ENVIROFACTS and its ORACLE components; Facility Index System (FINDS); Industrial Facilities Discharge (IFD); Integrated Data for EnvironmentalAnalyses (IDEA); Permit Compliance System (PCS); NEEDS Survey; Resource Conservation and Recovery Information System (RCRIS); Safe Drinking WaterSystem (SDWIS); Storage and Retrieval of Water Quality (STORET); and Toxics Release Inventory System (TRIS).

Presented training classes at EPA, FDIC, RTC, Freddie Mac, DOE, Navy, and state government offices. Presented papers at six SAS Users Group International conferences and five Regional SAS users groups.

Hardware: Expert on all widely-used computer platforms, including UNIX systems administration; IBM Mainframes under TSO and CICS, DEC VAX, IBM-compatible and Apple Macintosh desktop computers; CALCOMP, Hewlett-Packard, Sun SOLARIS, Tektronix workstations; Ethernet, Token Ring, SNA, X.25, Novell, and other PC networks; FTP and HTTP.

Software: Extensive experience with client-server links, computer graphics, database design and development, and visual presentation tools. Expert on ADABAS Natural, Arbiter, ARC-Info, ARC-View, BASIC, BDAM, Corel Presentations, Corel Quattro Pro, Corel WordPerfect, Crosstalk, dBASE, DB2, DynaComm Elite, Focus, FreeLance, Harvard Graphics, HTML, IRMA, ISPF, Lotus Approach, Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Notes, Fortran, MacDraw, MacWrite, MapGrafix, MapMaker, Microsoft Access, Microsoft DOS BAT, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Oracle, PC-PLOT, SQL, SPSS, SAS, TCP/IP, TSO/CLIST, UNIX Shell, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, WordStar, and Wylbur. Installed and developed SAS applications including EIS, graphics, macros, and web interfacing on all major platforms: OS/MVS, VAX/VMS, UNIX, OS/2, PC DOS, and all versions of Windows.

Clearance: Held Top Secret clearance between 1978 and 1983 and is eligible for re-clearance


2001-2002: Vanguard Foundation, Arlington VA, Development Manager

1980-present: Other Organizations