Bob Weiner Media Points November 11, 2003


* Dean: unprecedented new strategies, young voters, Internet, now also getting traditional support including key unions. Flag flap short lived – candor, apologized, but valid that we need Southern workers’ votes.

* Gephardt: thorough understanding of the issues, “Bush miserable failure” perfect.

* Clark: brilliant 4-Star General’s military mind, int’l coalition in Kosovo succeeded

* Lieberman: reaches centrists, actually won national election with Gore in 2000

* Kerry: charismastic, dynamic, “Trickle down is trickle on” good point.

* Edwards: mainstream and dynamic, epitomizes new Southern Democrat, emphasizes Bush “of, by, for the wealthy”.

* Sharpton: powerful, funny, candid, great reactions at debates

* Braun: courageous, thoughtful approach to issues

* Kucinich: traditional liberal, key part of Democratic constituency